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 "Naples:Paradise Can Be Deadly"

Dallas Morning News - Dave Lieber
  "Diane Ketcham is a brilliant mystery writer.  'Naples: Paradise Can Be Deadly' is a wonderful page turner. Highly recommended."

Florida Weekly - Phil Jason
   "Yes, murder mysteries can be funny. Effective are the many humorous touches that are part of the novel's weave....Readers who know the Naples area will enjoy the tour of familiar locales..."

 "The Vanishing A-list "

New York Post - Andrea Peyser (full review)
"If you've ever dreamed of kidnapping or killing someone who exists on the far side of the velvet
 rope, Diane Ketcham will do it for you -- without fear of arrest or stubborn blood stains.
 Her first novel takes you from the haunts of the A-listers on her native Long Island, to their
winter waterfronts in sunbaked Florida - a delicious blend of bold-face names, designer labels
and a whodunit weird enough to keep a veteran crime reporter up all night. What fun!"

Columbus Ohio Dispatch - Mike Harden
"Pure escape - A perfect book for the beach or the plane."

Naples Sun Times
-- Book Beat, Reviewer Philip Jason
"(Ketcham) spins a suspenseful tale of obsession, capture, confinement and abuse in 82 bite-sized chapters.
 WIth chapters this short, readers are never far from a place where they can conveniently put the book down,
 but most will not be able to put it down for long."

Fort Myers News-Press -- Entertainment writer Amy Sowder
"(Ketcham) delivers a guilty pleasure read"
"...the making'
s of a perfect beach escapist read"


1)  "I think this writer Diane Ketcham is better than James Patterson for a fast read thriller. Who wouldn't
want to read about the rich and famous being kidnapped and abused? And the main character, Jazz Billings,
whose dog has a sex life Freud could write about, is someone I couldn't get enough of. You won't be disappointed
with this book."

2) "TERRIFIC READ...I loved this book. It has all the components of an exciting thriller and kept me
turning the pages until the end. I recommend it to those who want to be thoroughly entertained."

3) "COULDN'T PUT IT DOWN...The Vanishing A-list is a delicous fast paced thriller which by the exciting
conclusion makes you crave a sequel." 

Barnes and Noble.com...

1) "WOW WHAT A BOOK... What a great read. I ws unable to put this book down without finishing it
and finding out what was happening to the Vanishing A-list. What an enjoyable way to spend the day. Reading
a terrific mystery that made me want more. Looking forward to Diane Ketcham's next book."

2)  "WHAT A THRILLER... The Vanishing A-list is a terrific read because it is fast paced and full of action.
 I can see the heroine, Jazz, getting involved in more compelling situations in the next novel. You won't be
disappointed in this one."

3) "WHOO...This is a cast of characters that deserve a sequel. I can't wait to get better acquainted with
them. She gets Naples right. Don't wait for the movie - read the book!"

        more to come .... readers are writing in from all over the country, and Europe, and South America.


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